I tried for ’round about an hour. Used up all the newspaper and cardboard I could find but it wouldn’t take. Dry wood, open flue, a burn lit and it’d peter out over and over. I’d look back at the stove from my blanket on the sofa, hoping, and just see a dark nothing.

This was a long overdue Sabbath. No one else home but my pup and I. Outside was a litter of white drifting down and covering everything. Just needed a fire to make it all perfect.

But it wouldn’t take.

I lay back down on the couch and said “Fine. Lord if you want there to be a fire, you’ll have to make it (no disrespect intended).”

Next time I looked around, flames!

Seems sometimes that all my efforts and the using up all that fuel is a waste of time. As soon as I gave it to the Lord, there was a sweet burn that lasted all evening.

Rest and ask. Wait and receive, from the hand of the giver of all things.

Start a fire in me Lord, I sing a song I wrote. Start a fire and do your work in all the things I fret about.

Rest and ask. Wait and receive.

Not my work but His.


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