Sometimes it seems like everything’s trickling out.

An emptying with no refilling.

News and more news of the glorious bad.

When you’re inundated with negativity at every turn

and told to endure it on your own it can feel bleak.

It can make you feel like not spring cleaning, or working out,

or painting that wall that’s crying out for a makeover.

It can make you feel like tunnelling into covers, or Netflix or even Pureflix

or whatever you find yourself getting lost in these days.

If you’re younger and it’s a game, not on a board but in a system,

a game that makes you feel powerful, like a conquerer, an adventurer,

I understand.

Anything is better than this shuttered life. Right?

Or is it?

How do we shake off the detritus of this clamoring time and live wide open?

How do we find hope when we’re being denied the very essence of what

humanity is?

A community.

Humans need each other.

There is a reason we were told to greet each other with a holy kiss,

a purpose in the two arms hanging down at our sides.

We were made to embrace, to look in each other’s eyes, to listen to each

others voices, to carry each other’s burdens. To worship together.

These things make us well.

So how do we find wellness in the midst of isolation?

It seems that the order itself makes us yearn even more for community.

And isn’t this good?

Maybe we’re being awoken in some ways to things we had taken for granted.

Our communities of faith. Our friends and families.

How important they are!

How can we drink up the opportunities in front of us

and turn this darkness into a portal for light to shine through?

How can we connect when we meet people on the sidewalk,

at the store, anywhere.

Can we hold people in our eyes? That can be uncomfortable.

These are the windows of our soul after all. But what if

we share our souls, letting the light in us see them, and them us.

What if we create beautiful things in defiance of the darkness.

What if we splatter beauty and light across this abysmal time?

The Spirit of God hovered over the waters

and saw darkness over the face of the deep … and began to create!

Shall we co-create with God and bring every imaginable gift

He has given to bear during this time? People already are.

Have you seen this

and this

Let’s add more.

What brings you joy?

How do you demonstrate joy?

What gifts are tucked down inside you, waiting to be revealed,

to be a blessing?

Do you bake or paint, sing or pray, garden or help others

or share your wealth?

How can these gifts be employed to poke a bright spot through this gloom.

I think we must, in defiance of depression, do the beautiful things,

do the difficult things.

We must exercise our hopefulness that we have this day.

This day to decorate, this day to be strong.

Turn off the news. Put the phone away.

Step outside, even in the rain.

Look up and let your light shine.

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