This is for You

Welcome! I’m glad you’ve landed here. I hope some peace spills on you as you linger in this space.

Have you ever wondered about your life, what the purpose is? Why you can’t ever seem to measure up to that invisible standard that’s always a bit beyond reach? Or maybe you’ve asked God why you have it so good when so many others suffer.

The demon of perfectionism is being tackled and shackled on this trek. Maybe you’ve walked through hell and back or perhaps you’ve lived the altogether most fabulous life, everything lined up perfectly on your shelves, hardly a hair out of place while you breeze through it all (haha). Wherever you’re at, if you stick around, I hope you might find a resting place here to catch your breath and maybe even let your hair down.

Is it possible we all have a story to tell. A narrative He’s been telling through our lives as we trek through our crazy days, our chill days, our successful ones and the others that feel like abysmal failures. Could it be that He’s writing Himself right through the middle, waving His hands, calling “Hey, I’m here. Do you see me?”

I asked for faith one day, rich and expectant like my dear friend has. Casually I uttered this prayer, not remembering that she acquired that faith through trials and tragedy that stretched her to having nothing but Jesus to rely on. In that thin place, her trust in Him grew wings.

God answered my prayer for increased faith with a tender and firm yes. And so our journey took a turn, spinning me and those I love off into a galaxy of suffering. But in that place, a seed was planted and started to grow. Lies were challenged. Pride and selfishness boiled to the surface and had to be answered. Devastated and traumatized, we spun in this orbit of pain. But, God intersected that trajectory and met me there.

He asked me to trust Him.

Do you see ways that God has entered your world and offered you His hand, through your circumstances, especially the hard ones? Is there a story He’s telling?

Take a peek at this page for you to contemplate those ideas on. Just a space to jot down some thoughts and see where you land. If you like you can share in the comments once you’re done.

I encourage you not to read on here until you’ve prayerfully taken time to ask God how He’s interacting with you through your circumstances and jotted those thoughts down here.

Would you like to join me here?

You’ll find stuff to read and poetry too if words woo you.

Grab your favourite cup of something and join in. There will be some good discussion around how the hard stuff can actually be the path to real, yes just like the rabbit. If you don’t know that story, look here http://The Velveteen Rabbit

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